Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Enjoying a Memorable Sleigh Ride With You and Yours

With all of the hustle and bustle surrounding the holiday season, it is often easy to get so caught up in the preparations for the holidays that we often miss the true meaning of the season.  When you take a moment or two to think back to the happiest moments in your lifetime, you will realize that the hustle and bustle is not what you remember, but the actual time that you spent with friends and family are what makes your heart truly sing; it is the special moments, that make the memories, that bring a smile to your face.

If you are looking to create some magical memories and traditions, why don’t you consider taking the entire family on dinner sleigh rides?  Dinner sleigh rides in Breckenridge, Colorado would be a perfect opportunity to begin a new and magical family tradition. The winter dinner sleigh rides would be perfect for the winter holiday season. Just imagine snuggling up under cozy blankets in a horse drawn sleigh, with your friends and family.

You will be dashed through the snow, amongst breath-taking mountain views, to an indoor camp site filled with entertainment and a traditional, Old-West style, chuck wagon dinner. After playing a few games, like horse shoes and jump rope, the dinner bell will ring! You will be treated to an old fashioned, delicious BBQ dinner. We are talking corn bread, grilled chicken and BBQ Brisket, honey and biscuits, and a whole bunch of sides. While you are enjoying your meal, you will be entertained with a lively Wild West Show, that is a comedy show packed full of music and songs; the kind that makes you want to sing-a-long. You will be delighted and entertained, making memories to last an entire lifetime.

Although the trip is only one mile long, you, your friends and your family will be certain to be transported back in time, before cell phones, the internet and televisions kept us all so plugged in, that we have often forgotten just how nice it is, to enjoy each other’s company. Taking this step back in time will be certain to create magical, family memories that will last a lifetime.

If you are just looking for a sleigh ride, without dinner, Breckenridge, Colorado also offers hot chocolate rides, and exclusive rides that can be made extra special, as well as more intimate and private, for those extra special moments, such as celebrating anniversaries and maybe even creating the perfect atmosphere to propose.

So, whether you are fortunate enough to live in the Denver area, or are planning a trip to Colorado during the ski season, be sure to check out Breckenridge’ s Dinner Sleigh Rides and start making the perfect family memories, and maybe even start a new tradition that is likely to be passed down for generations, still to come.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Glamorous Winter Wedding Ideas in Breckenridge, CO

Enjoy a most romantic post wedding event in Breckenridge, Colorado during the winter months. Winter sleigh rides offer you and your honey the perfect complement to your wedding in the high Rocky mountains. Bundle up, sit close together and soak up memorable moments that you both will think about for years to come. Two Below Zero will help you plan every detail of your wedding. 

Wedding Planning
Two Below Zero provides all the bells and whistles you need for your wedding from the rehearsal dinner to the ceremony. The post wedding celebration will give you and your honey a night to remember. Enjoy dinner, live music and a sleigh ride. Musical performances can accompany your meal, at your request. Experience a memorable wedding night with either you and your significant other; or, with other guests in attendance. Accommodations are available throughout Breckenridge, Colorado for the wedding party. Add to your wonderful night by riding with your new spouse on a horse drawn carriage by the light of the moon.

Romantic Sleigh Rides
As the sun sets you and your honey know your winter sleigh ride draws near. Anticipate the cold stinging your cheeks; making you long to cuddle close to your spouse. Watch the flakes fall down during a snowy evening. Gaze at the white powder backed by dark shadows and moonlit paths on clear nights. Keep a lookout for wild animals such as deer and elk, as twilight is the best time to view winter weather animals in search of food and water. Note the exceptional nighttime scenery on your 40 minute sleigh ride. Your driver will stop at notable, scenic locations to allow you and your honey time to soak up the scenery. Warm up upon your return from your glamorous sleigh ride by sipping gourmet hot chocolate, sparkling wine or beer with your honey.

Honeymoon Lodging
Stay at the Copper Canyon Chalet as part of the Two Below Zero's “Sleigh and Stay” package. You and your spouse will find yourselves at a stellar honeymoon location, complete with sweeping views of the Rocky mountains and Breckenridge ski resort. The five bedroom, 4,000-foot house will delight at your every turn. Go on a complementary dinner sleight ride for each night of your stay as part of your “Sleigh and Stay” package.

Important Information
  • Remember to dress warmly and in layers to make for easy adjustments from the cold outdoors to the heated indoor buildings.
  • Bring enough clothes to change into from your wedding attire an outfit for the post wedding festivities.
  • Prepare for an after-wedding feast. Eat light throughout the day to thoroughly enjoy the excellent food served as part of your wedding sleigh-ride package.
  • Pat the regal draft horses before embarking on your winter sleigh ride because they do love attention.
  • Book the “honeymoon house” when select dates are available. Contact Two Below Zero to reserve your winter sleigh package.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Keeping Cozy On Your Sleigh Ride

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? Two Below Zero dinner sleigh rides cheerily involve all the senses. You will hear not only the nostalgic jingling of sleigh bells, but also the charming clop clop of the gentle mules' hooves as they carry you across freshly groomed snow. Smell the woodsy scent of the towering pines as the sleigh traverses winding woodland paths. See the majestic mountains, a perfect backdrop to this pristine natural snowscape. Taste the savory home-cooked food at trail’s end. Feel the brisk Colorado mountain air as it surrounds your open sleigh.

Oh yes, the mountain air! While the frosty winter air is certainly invigorating, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Dressing warmly for your dinner sleigh ride will keep you cozy and ensure your comfort. While “Two Below Zero” may be a bit of an exaggeration, temperatures can drop dramatically once the sun goes down. Here are some tips to help you dress for your special winter ride.
·        Dress in layers. Skiers already know that the best strategy for the slopes is dressing in layers, and that concept works well for your sleigh ride, too. Wear a base layer against your skin that manages moisture. Apply wind-resistant fleece as an insulating middle layer, then add a protective outer layer that will retain your body’s heat. By dressing in layers, you will be able to make quick adjustments. You'll be perfectly comfortable in the cozy open sleigh, by the guest tent’s pot belly stove, and in the lodge at dinnertime.
·        Cover your head. You lose about 30 percent of body heat through your head and neck, so it's important to preserve warmth during your dinner sleigh ride by keeping your head, ears and neck covered. Choose materials that insulate and breathe well. Wool and synthetic materials are often the best choices because they stay warm even when wet.
·        Prevent cold feet. Frosty feet are not just uncomfortable; they can put you at risk for frostbite. Protect your feet with a pair of plush wool or nylon socks that will wick moisture. Then jump into a pair of water-resistant or waterproof boots.
·        Protect your hands. Be sure to bring a pair of gloves or mittens to keep your hands toasty warm. Mittens are great, but you might need the added dexterity that gloves offer if you plan to take pictures. And on this picturesque dinner sleigh ride, you definitely will want to take pictures!
The only other thing you need to bring with you is a hearty appetite. Because at the end of the ride, you will see first-hand what genuine Colorado hospitality is all about, with abundant home cooking and lively musical entertainment.
Two Below Zero’s dinner sleigh rides build happy memories that will warm your heart for years to come. By dressing in layers, you will be sure that everything else stays warm, too, during your unforgettable sleighing experience. 

An Analysis of Your Favorite Winter Song: Sleigh Ride!

As winter approaches and snowfall twinkles in the moon and starlight, one can't help getting excited about all the fun of the season's activities like skiing, ice skating and winter sleigh rides. Keying into favorite winter songs is pretty typical at this time of year, and one of the most popular songs for many decades has been Sleigh Ride by composer Leroy Anderson.

It's been written that Anderson got the inspiration to write Sleigh Ride during a heatwave in July, 1946. Great way to allow musical creativity to cool one off, don't you agree? From the first time you heard this jaunty tune, complete with the whip crack sound conjuring up an image of people gaily riding along in a horse-drawn, popping the whip just for fun in the cold crisp air to hurry the horse along, no doubt it captured your imagination. It's one of the best known "sound poems" associated with winter, and most assuredly about winter sleigh rides. It even comes complete with a horse's whinny at the end on most of the recordings that have been made!

Sleigh Ride
 has been a hit many times over in the record industry, both as an instrumental (first recorded by The Boston Pops orchestra under the direction of Arthur Fiedler in 1949) as well as a vocal recording. Lyrics by Mitchell Parish were added in 1950, and vocalists and groups including Air Supply, Walter Schumann and The Carpenters all made great use of the vocal arrangement. The upbeat orchestration and fun yet slightly sentimental lyrics put your right in the space of longing to take some winter sleigh rides yourself!

Interestingly, even though the song is usually associated with Christmas, no particular holiday or religion is ever made mention of in the lyrics. Typically included on Christmas compilation albums/CDs, many of the recording artists have chosen to substitute the words "Christmas party" for "birthday party" in the bridge. There's also an original lyric about "pumpkin pie,"  suggesting perhaps Mr. Parish was thinking more of Thanksgiving than Christmas when he wrote about winter sleigh rides. Nonetheless, Sleigh Ride has been extremely popular in the U.S. and abroad, since its first appearance on the music scene. According to a recent ASCAP review of Christmas songs, Sleigh Ride steadily ranks in the Top 10 performed songs during the Christmas season around the world.

So, if you're not already planning to do so, how about filling up the thermos with tasty hot chocolate to take along on some fun winter sleigh rides for you, your friends & family? There's no better way or place to dash through the snow on your winter sleigh rides than with Breckenridge Sleigh Rides. All of their majestic Percheron and Belgian horses are strong, well-trained, gentle giants - over 18 hands high! The majesty of the Colorado mountains is breathtaking as you glide along on your winter sleigh rides, either in a beautiful handcrafted red sleigh, or an intimate, private exclusive sleigh. Winter sleigh rides just don't get any better!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

What to Expect from the Weather in Breckenridge Colorado

It is summer vacation for the kids, winter breaks, or time for a vacation from work.  Some want to escape the summer heat, and some want to enjoy a true winter vacation.  So, where does one find the perfect vacation for summer or winter.  The best choice would be Breckenridge, Colorado.  It is small, mountain city that has all kinds of activities for summer and winter, including dinner sleigh rides.

Now that you have chosen your destination, you will want to know what is the best month to truly enjoy Colorado's summer and winter, and what should you pack that is appropriate.

Summer Vacation

July is the perfect time for vacation as the summer weather is at its peak at 73 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, with averages at 50 degrees Fahrenheit in the evening.  The summer activities include hiking, biking, kayaking, fishing, golfing, and a true Wild West chuck wagon ride.   These rides take off out of Friso, which is a neighboring town of Breckenridge.  It is a one-mile ride that takes about 15 to 20 minutes to reach its destination where you will enjoy a BBQ dinner along with a wild west show.  The prelude to the BBQ will include roping, cowboy golf, horseshoes, corn hole, and to keep your mouth watering for the BBQ is biscuits and honey.  When you hear them ringing for dinner, you will truly feel like a cow hand coming in from a hard day's work on the ranch, and as you enjoy your dinner, you will be entertained with a wild west show.  So whether you are enjoying any number of activities throughout the day, you can pack accordingly with shorts, skirts, short sleeves during the day, and in the evening pants, short sleeves or long sleeves, and a jacket.

Winter Vacation

Perhaps you are coming for the ski season, or just to enjoy the snow, but a Colorado winter will be nothing but extraordinary.  There are just as many activities to enjoy during the winter as during the summer.  During packing, you will want to include pants, sweaters, long sleeves, jacket, thermals, and warm boots or shoes.  Colorado weather gets really cold, and better to have on layers than go cold.  The different activities you can enjoy during this season are skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, ice skating, ice fishing, dog sledding, and the best dinner sleigh rides around.  These dinner sleigh rides include a classic BBQ, and your sleigh drivers then become your servers.  This ride is the same as the summer chuck wagon, but this time instead of a Wild West show, you can enjoy the western music all provided by a great crew.  It is suggested to dress in layers as the tent the BBQ is located in is heated by pot belly stoves.  So bring your smile and sense of adventure as you enjoy the winter seasons best dinner sleigh rides.

The History of Sleigh Bells

Sleigh bells make a characteristic sound, particularly when they a large number of them are ringing together. They are often heard ringing on winter sleigh rides. These bells are created out of one piece of metal. The metal is formed into a sphere. A small metal ball hung from a short rod is placed inside the sphere. This form allows the small metal ball to tap the inside walls of the bell, producing the well known jingle sound.

The History of Sleigh Bells
The rhythmic sound of ringing sleigh bells brings with it the images of the winter sleigh rides, falling snowflakes and the memories of Christmas. Sleigh bells have been around for a long time and while we associate them with the holiday season, their creation came about from the world of horses.

Sleigh bells can be found everywhere but they were originally only used with horses, but not during winter sleigh rides. These bells were found by archaeologists in England. The earliest ones found dated back to the time when the Romans lived in the British Isles. This discovery leads to the understanding that the bells were used as a part of the horse harness more than one thousand years ago. At that time the bells were a valuable symbol of high social status and wealth. They were made from silver and gold and were used as decoration on horses during Medieval age wars. The bells were also to believed to provide good luck and to keep away illnesses and evil spirits.

The specific date that sleigh bells became common place on wagons, and in particular on winter sleigh rides, is not known. It is believed that they were used both as decoration and as a functional device. The ringing bells would serve as a safety device, alerting people of a moving or oncoming wagon on foggy and dark nights. Horse drawn wagons are extremely difficult to stop and a sleigh could easily injury someone who was unaware of their movement.

It was in the nineteenth century that a demand for sleigh bells developed. The bells were produced in amounts in East Hampton, Connecticut. The popularity of the bells grew throughout the country and were used to decorate racing sleighs as well as on wagons that were used for winter sleigh rides. It was the popular Christmas song, Jingle Bells, that brought the sleigh bells to incredible popularity. The song described the experience of wonderful winter sleigh rides.

Today sleigh bells are used to decorate and to create a sense of celebration. They are still hung from many horse drawn wagons that provide winter sleigh rides.  There are many people collect antique sleigh bells that were manufactured in the mid nineteenth century, cherishing the skill used to create them and the time in which they were produced.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Chuckwagon Sleigh Rides: Summer Mountain Fun!

Chuckwagon sleigh rides give you an opportunity to transform the way you get to see the Rocky Mountains. These sleigh rides are not just for the wintertime. Rather, this is an opportunity for you to enjoy some summertime fun on the mountains. For those coming to the area to enjoy the various outdoor activities, do not fail to enjoy all that Two Below Zero has to offer. Even in the warm sunshine, you will find yourself falling in love with this countryside, and with the people that you get to share this time with. Make it special.

What You'll Experience

When you take one of the chuckwagon sleigh rides that Two Below Zero has to offer, you will find it to be one of the most enjoyable experiences of your life. Look at what you can expect from this type of trip.

·         You will get the chance to ride on a handcrafted, red sleigh or in a carriage sleigh. These are pulled by draft horses, in all of their majesty. The good news is that these horses are incredibly impressive to saw the least.

·         You will get to experience some amazing views along the route. In fact, the Rock Mountains look more up close than you may have imagined. The overall Colorado weather during this time of the year is just as fantastic. It makes for a welcome trip.

·         When you arrive, you'll have plenty of fun playing a few games and socializing. The chuckwagon sleigh rides give you the ability to arrive in style to all sorts of fun set up and waiting for you, from corn hole to playing horseshoes or cowboy golf. There is something fun here for everyone who comes.

·         Then, there is the meal. The meal itself is perhaps the best part of the entire event. You will hear the dinner bell go off in the distance and that's your cue to come on in for a meal. Then, you will get to enjoy a BBQ cookout, done the old fashioned way. Eat all sorts of fun, family friendly food while you meet some new friends.

·         Then, enjoy the show. You will get a bit of entertainment, including a live performance. This is a fun, family activity that you will enjoy and likely talk about for years to come. 

In fact, many people come back to enjoy the chuckwagon sleigh rides for all that they offer. Grab some friends and make it an evening that you will not forget. With so much to offer you, you are going to be impressed with just how magical this evening can be. When you enjoy these sleigh rides with Two Below Zero, you get to experience something completely new and enjoyable that is appropriate for the whole family. It is one of the best ways to spend time together and it is definitely the way to enjoy a trip to Breckenridge in style. No other location can compete with the chuckwagon sleigh rides this company does so well.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Summer Chuckwagon Sleigh Ride in Breckenridge Shouldn't Be Missed!

Pull up your gear and enjoy a sleigh ride, just the way it has been done for hundreds of years. That is what you can expect when you take this ride from the Two Below Zero professionals. They have crafted one of the most enjoyable of all events taking place in a traditional, Old West style - the chuckwagon dinner and made it better with the addition of a sleigh ride. If you have never been to the region, or taken part of any chuckwagon event, now is the time to do just that. 

What Is It?

What you may not realize is that the chuckwagon dinner style event is something that has been a part of Colorado tradition for years. There are plenty of good time spent enjoying family and friends around the fire, with great music and excellent food. Combine this with a fun, and lively Wild West Show and everyone will be enjoying themselves (even the youngest in the family.) Look at a few important details about these sleigh rides you need to know about, from Two Below Zero.
·         You get to enjoy the most amazing scenery, with the Rocky Mountains surrounding you and inviting you into them. 

·         After you arrive from your sleigh ride, you will get to enjoy a few games before you actually come in for dinner. Games like horseshoes and spending time roping can really get your belly growling. That's why you also get to enjoy some honey and biscuits while you wait.

·         When you hear that dinner bell, you can come on in for a wonderful BBQ meal. The mean is loaded with food that it traditional for the Wild West including cornbread, grilled chicken, smoked BBQ beef brisket and plenty of sides. Top it off with apple pie with whipped cream.

·         There is also a dinner show for you to enjoy. You will enjoy fun entertainment, with a bit of comedy meshed with a lot of fun music that you will know the words to (in many cases.) Enjoy the show while you meet with others and get to know new friends.

Even locals come out and enjoy all that these chuckwagon sleigh rides can offer, even the special sleigh rides that make such an impression on every member of the family. This is the type of entertainment that is necessary for everyone, at least one time in their lives, and Two Below Zero really does a fantastic job of making it a fun evening for everyone.

Take the time to experience what a true sleigh ride can offer to you. For those who are looking for something truly amazing, this is the experience that is necessary for the area. Take into consideration the range of fun things to do and see in Breckenridge. You should plan for some outdoor wilderness exploration. However, don't forget to spend at least one evening enjoying the dinner sleigh ride from Two Below Zero that so many people talk about enjoying.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Great Family Outing, Breckenridge Sleigh Rides!

If you are traveling to Breckenridge, there are numerous activities for you to take part in. However, one of the best choices that is just a must do activity is the sleigh rides Breckenridge has to offer. Your family will love all the fun things there are to do in the area. They will get to spend time together and get to take in that crisp, clean air around them. However, there is much more to do and see than just what the surface offers. As you are planning your special family vacation, be sure to plan to stop at Two Below Zero for the best sleigh rides Breckenridge can offer to you.

What To Do?

If you are coming to Breckenridge for the first time, do not worry about not having enough to do. The area offers something for just about everyone. Here are just a few ideas to get your day started.
·         Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner at any of the area restaurants. You will find local favorites and true mom and pop diners here, but you will also find a few of your favorite chain restaurants, too.
  • Go shopping! There are several outlets to enjoy as well as various other shopping centers to explore. The key here is to give yourself time.
  • Of course, many people come to the area to truly be a part of the wilderness by taking in the slopes. There are slopes here ideal for beginners, intermediate skiers and even advanced pros. 
  • You can explore museums, take in a show or just hang out at your resort, too. There is something here for anyone; including activities that you may find quite enjoyable no matter if you are young, old or just young at heart.
What About Sleigh Rides Breckenridge Offers?

For the best sleigh rides Breckenridge residents love, do visit Two Below Zero. This may be the perfect way for you and your loved ones to enjoy time together and to bond. When you come to this facility, you can take a sleigh ride into the heart of the Breckenridge area. You will be able to enjoy wonderful hot chocolate from a hot chocolate bar (you get to choose what you put into it to make it the best possible.) In addition to this, you can pet the horses (all of which are well cared for parts of the family.) 

This leads up to a spectacular night under the stars. The sleigh rides Breckenridge leader Two Below Zero offers include fun activities and even dinner and entertainment if you would like. In addition to this, you will get to take your sleigh ride on an old fashion sleigh, with or without a group of people. 

Two Below Zero helps to create some of the most magical of experiences for those who are looking for enjoyment from sleigh rides Breckenridge offers. With so much to offer, Breckenridge is definitely the family vacation location you want to be at with your loved ones. Why not enjoy all it can offer to you?

Complete Your Ski Vacation with Dinner Sleigh Rides

You may have the kind of family that takes a lot of family vacations to the mountains.  Or, maybe you are planning your first family trip to the winter and mountain wonderland of Summit County, Colorado.  Wherever you may fall on the spectrum, completing your ski vacation with dinner sleigh rides is the perfect way to make your vacation unlike any other! The dinner sleigh rides offered by Two Below Zero are perhaps the most well recommended and loved. Those who come to the area come to enjoy these sleigh rides year after year, and you will too.

What Are They?

The dinner sleigh rides from Two Below Zero are just as they sound. You will get to come to the location and enjoy hot chocolate as you wait for your sleigh. When you are ready, you hop on the sleigh ride. It will take you on a traditional sleigh ride through the backcountry. With a moonlit sky and a fun sleigh ride, you will feel as if you stepped back in time on this trip. Anyone, even those who enjoy more modern activities will enjoy this adventure.

From there, you will arrive in a heated tent area where you will be able to lounge and relax as dinner is served to you. A large meal, including all of your favorite homemade favorites is provided. You will enjoy this meal with your family, sitting around a warm fire that keeps everyone in the right mood. However, Two Below Zero does more than this. It also gives you the time to enjoy some live entertainment. Sing along with the group to songs you already know and listen to others. You will enjoy chatting and laughing. Dessert is fantastic, too. 

No matter what type of family vacation you are used to, the dinner sleigh rides are some of the most special activities to enjoy especially at the end of your trip.

· Get to meet the horses and animals, all of which are well cared for and welcoming.

· Sample some of the finest hot chocolate from the hot chocolate bar. You get to choose what goes into them.

· Relax on beautiful sleighs as you journey through the wilderness with the moon to light your path. You'll have a nice, warm blanket to keep you toasty, too.

· Enjoy dinner with the family and feel like you are part of the Breckenridge family.

· Relax and enjoy your family as you talk about your trip and make plans to come back year after year.

Dinner sleigh rides are fantastic opportunities to enjoy each other's company while still doing something memorable and special. Two Below Zero makes this one of the best options for your vacation. For just two people or even for a family gathering, you will enjoy the sights, sounds and smells that this sleigh ride will take you on. For many people, this is the ideal way to conclude a magical trip to the slopes of Colorado, and to enjoy all of the fun activities available to you here.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Perfect Day in Breckenridge = Ski + Apres Ski + Sleigh Ride

What does the perfect day in Breckenridge offer? It could start off on the slopes with the joyful sleigh rides Breckenridge is so well known for. In short, you could have one of the most amazing days of your life by following this simple, yet ideal plan. For many people, the skiing is what they planned to do when they came to Colorado. However, there is so much to do and see here to really make a good day a great day. Companies such as Two Below Zero make it work, too, by offering some of the best fun you have had in a long time.

What would the perfect day consist of here? Take a look at this sample of how your day in Breckenridge could become the perfect day out in the city and on the snow.

  • Start your day off with a great morning of skiing. Ski at the Breckenridge Resort. Enjoy the fresh snow and the many trails available to you here. Take the time to take a few ski courses if you like or challenge yourself on the more difficult slopes. You will love the fresh, clean air blowing through your hair as you come down the slopes.
  • After a refreshing day on the slopes, head out to the area restaurants that have become so popular. You can find virtually all types of meals you are craving, in upscale dining or just in your typical diner. Enjoy a warm meal.
  • Head on home to your resort or hotel for a bit of resting. You'll need it, and a change of clothes before finishing up your day. After a warm shower and some clean, comfortable clothing, you will feel refreshed to hit the slopes again, but this time, in a different way.
  • Get the family and friends together. Instead of doing the normal dinner out, plan to have a get-together that involves all of your group. You will find that there are activities to do here that are not just for the couple.
  • Once everyone is ready, head over to Two Below Zero. You can book these famous sleigh rides Breckenridge offers in advance, or not. Arrive and enjoy some custom made hot chocolate (the hot chocolate bar is just perfect.) Then, travel with your family and friends on sleigh rides. Breckenridge is not complete without a warm meal with live entertainment deep in the woods.
The sleigh rides Breckenridge is so well known for are simply the best experience you can have. As you consider all there is to do and see here, remember that you can do it with just the two of you or with an entire group. You can plan your trip in advance if you like, or just be spontaneous. But whatever you do, you do need to spend some time at the sleigh rides Breckenridge company Two Below Zero offers. These consistently high rated rides are the best around.  What could be better then a day like this?

Sleigh Rides in Winter or Chuck Wagons in Fall - Here's Two Below Zero

No matter what time of the year you plan to visit, there is something to do at Two Below Zero, from the sleigh rides to the chuck wagons. Summer is still a few months off and that means that this is the time to enjoy the remaining Colorado snow of the year! A good place to do just that is at Two Below Zero, a location in the heart of Breckenridge that offers you an exciting time of enjoying the traditional sleigh ride, some hot chocolate and even a full dinner with live entertainment. For many reasons, people come to this area of the country to relax and unwind and there is just no better way to do that than right here.

The Sleigh Rides

Perhaps what this area is most well known for are the sleigh rides. A sleigh ride is not just a simple wagon ride through the snow. That is not the way that Two Below Zero does it, anyway. You can choose the type of adventure you would like to take, but some of the things to do here include the following:
  • Arrive and prepare a cup of the best hot chocolate in the area. The hot chocolate bar provides you with everything you need to create a personalized special drink.
  • Get on board an authentic sleigh for the sleigh rides through the snow covered trails, with your loved ones by your side. You'll enjoy a sleigh ride of about 20 minutes, under the night sky and with some of the most amazing scenery around you.
  • Arrive at the tent deep in the heart of the wooded area. There, you can enjoy a warm meal, with all of your favorite foods, served in a home style fashion. You will feel like family here.
  • Listen to and participate in the live entertainment. You can finish off the night enjoying your family and friends before traveling back.
Of course the sleigh rides are what many people come for, but during the warmer summer months, still plan to visit Two Below Zero. During the summer months, the chuck wagons come out and light up the day and evening. Here, you'll enjoy everything from corn hole to horseshoes and even cowboy golf before the dinner bell rings. Do some ropin' and hang out with the family. Once the bell rings, enjoy a warm meal together with the family in a traditional BBQ cookout. This is a traditional dinner wagon ride, that will take you through some of the most beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains.
The sleigh rides are fun, as are the chuck wagons, and you will find that the relaxed atmosphere, with the outstanding people and family-like experience is what makes these activities the must-do events when visiting Breckenridge. Two Below Zero provides a power packed evening of fun, no matter what time of the year it is. Plan to visit each time you come to the area, or make it a weekly event if you live nearby. Is there a better way to bond with family and friends?

Monday, February 28, 2011

Denver's Most Accessible Dinner Sleigh Rides

Dinner sleigh rides are an experience you will not soon forget. Although there are several facilities that offer sleigh rides in the Breckenridge area, one of the most accessible and perhaps most recommended by those who visit the area year after year, Two Below Zero offers the best experience. This particular sleigh ride is going to take you into the heart of the wilderness, where Colorado really comes to life. You will spend a few hours of your time enjoying the remote location while enjoying those around you, too. Dinner sleigh rides are done right here.

When you arrive at the Two Below Zero location, you can enjoy chatting and getting to know those around you. Then, you can take a sleigh ride out to the tent, situated in the wilderness. There, you will find a welcome retreat for everyone. You can sit and relax while dinner is served to you. In addition to that, you will get a full course meal, with desserts, too. 

After dinner, relax and enjoy the music, where the participation factor comes into play. You will get to listen to music and enjoy conversations with loved ones. Participate in a sing along or just listen to the music and entertainment. You will likely find yourself enjoying yourself throughout this evening. After the evening is over, the dinner sleigh rides end with a trip back home. The sleigh ride itself lasts about 20 minutes and can be a welcome retreat from the hectic day on the slopes.

What makes Two Below Zero the place to go for dinner sleigh rides? There are a few things that make a big difference.
  • The entertainment quality is far superior. People come back to this location year after year because they have fun.
  • It is a family atmosphere and you can tell. The people are friendly and willing to help you to make this an amazing experience for everyone.
  • The dinner is exceptional. It is an ideal choice for most people and you can count on enjoying well prepared, home-style foods.
  • The experience of the staff is easy to notice. Although other locations may be around the area, the dinner sleigh rides you obtain from Two Below Zero are the same, quality experience people have been experiencing for years. Quality service like this really does matter. With 27 years of experience, you can count on this happening.
  • The Travel Channel's Samantha Brown rated this sleigh ride the #1 choice in the country. That may show you exactly how well loved this facility is. Why not make it part of your tradition.
These are just some of the reasons why the dinner sleigh rides at Two Below Zero are worth booking. The experience itself makes this one of the best places to turn to no matter if this is your first time on a sleigh through the Colorado region or if you have done this year after year. You can learn more about the dinner sleigh rides or other sleigh rides available from Two Below Zero.

Corporate Parties Can Actually Be Fun - Breckenridge Sleigh Rides

Breckenridge sleigh rides are a popular option for those who are visiting with family, friends or as couples. But it’s also a great idea for other special events, such as corporate celebrations. What you may not realize is that this is an excellent way to host a meeting, but is also a great way to say thank you to your team through a party. The good news is that companies such as Two Below Zero make the process easy and make the party a lot of fun. If you are in the Colorado region, or planning a convention or corporate event in this area, now is the right time to book your corporate party.

How It Works 

Two Below Zero has a lot to offer those who are planning a corporate event. These Breckenridge sleigh rides are the ideal experience for anyone, young and old. You can count on an amazing experience. Take a look at a few of the important details.

  • Book your Breckenridge sleigh rides in advance. This way, you can have a formal event that is catered to your liking. You can work with the team to make sure your needs are met.
  • Note that the company has been doing weddings and corporate events for 27 years at the location. Many of those who have used the facility in the past come back time and time again for this purpose.
  • Your guests can arrive at the facility and take one of the most beautiful sleigh rides in the area. The Breckenridge sleigh rides will carry your guests over a short trail, lasting about 20 minutes, to the dining facility. The sleighs are comfortable and make for interesting conversations.
  • At the facility, your guests will be treated to a home style cooked meal something that is sure to warm them up after the excursion outdoors. You will find that this meal offers something for everyone, though you do have the ability to work with the team in advance.
  • Your guests will enjoy fun entertainment and live music, if you would like them to. Work with the team to make your special event magical.
Keep a few things in mind when it comes to booking Breckenridge sleigh rides for your next event. First, you need to take into consideration the affordability of this type of trip. It is, beyond a doubt, an affordable corporate experience. Contact the facility to find out more about the actual pricing, based on your needs. You can book your facility in advance, with as much notice as is possible, or you could miss out on your reservation. You will need to have formal reservations in order to plan your corporate event.
Two Below Zero creates an incredible experience for corporate events. From the enjoyable people and food to the fun entertainment and the sleigh ride itself, there is plenty to do and experience here. More so, these Breckenridge sleigh rides are recommended by all of those who travel through the area.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Ultimate Stay and Sleigh Package – Breck Sleigh Rides

The forests of Frisco, Colorado are full of magical sights both in the summer and winter. There is no better way to experience the magic of the Colorado mountains than with Breckenridge sleigh rides from Two Below Zero. Two Below Zero is a family owned Frisco business that specializes in old fashioned Breck sleigh rides in Summit County. They offer popular rides that are offered as packages with stays at local hotels and resorts. The Ultimate Stay and Sleigh Package offered by Two Below Zero at Breckenridge's Copper Canyon Chalet is an enchanting way to experience the snow covered, mountaintop forest.

This luxury package offers will allow you to experience this winter wonderland in the lap of luxury. The Copper Canyon Chalet is a 5 bedroom, 4,000 square foot classic mountain chalet with a panoramic vista of the surrounding mountains and the Breckenridge ski resort area. The fully furnished chalet is beautifully equipped with modern, high-end furnishings. You will enjoy relaxing by the warmth of the fire and the luxury of your chalet while watching the snowy vista outside your window.

Included in the package is a complimentary dinner sleigh ride for each night of the rental. The sleigh ride includes a meal, an $88 value. There is no better way to experience a snowy, winter night in Colorado than from the warmth of comfort of a sleigh pulled by a pair of beautiful draft horses. On clear nights, a dazzling display of starts is yours to marvel at overhead. Breck sleigh rides include a meal at a rustic tent, heated by potbellied stoves. Live entertainment accompanies your warm and hearty meal. Sleigh rides by Two Below Zero are the only sleigh rides in the area that include live entertainment, a feature that makes them popular with visitors and locals alike.

Colorado is known for being a winter wonderland, and in the mountains of Breckenridge, this is what you get. Staying at a private chalet is a great way to experience the beauty of this area. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway for two or a vacation for the entire family, the Copper Canyon Chalet will provide you with all the comforts of home combined with all the luxuries of a hotel. Combined with nightly Breck sleigh rides and hearty meals, the Ultimate Stay and Sleigh Package is the number one way to experience a Breckenridge winter in style.

The Ultimate Stay and Sleigh Package is only available during the winter for a few select weeks in December and February, and in April as well weather permitting. Two Below Zero is known for being the best sleigh ride in Breckenridge and was even featured on the Travel Channel's Samantha Brown Great Weekends – Colorado. Due to the popularity of the Breck sleigh rides from Two Below Zero, you will want to make your reservations early to avoid missing out. Remember that a three night minimum is required for each reservation so don't be afraid to come out and stay a while. Your own personal winter wonderland awaits.