Monday, January 24, 2011

Plan a Wedding with One Call with Colorado Sleigh Rides

Nothing is more romantic than a mountain wedding. Each mountains season offers its own unique beauty that makes a memorable and vibrant background to a wedding ceremony, which is why Breckenridge is a popular location year round for lovers to tie the knot.  Two Below Zero offers special event planning for special events such as wedding and can offer you a way to plan a traditional mountain wedding anytime during the year, complete with rustic mountain reception space and fully equipped Colorado sleigh rides, treating your wedding quests to a traditional mountain wedding experience.

Two Below Zero has everything it takes to plan and execute your mountain dream wedding. The rehearsal dinner, ceremony and wedding can all be planned on-site, taking the headache out of coordinating events. Two Below Zero can even provide you with live entertainment to compliment your tastes. Weddings can be planned any time of the year based on your preferences and availability. During spring and summer the days are warm and the forests are bright with flowers and flowing with tall grasses. The winter, however, offers scenic vistas of snow covered mountains, and can be a very romantic backdrop for a wedding.

Both you and your guests will be transported to the wedding in horse drawn sleighs. Beautiful draft horses, adorned in silver tackle and tassels, will pull you and your guests in rustic sleighs through the magical forests of Breckenridge. Whether your wedding is during the day or at night, sleigh rides will allow you to take advantage of gorgeous mountain scenery. Winter is known for the thick snow that falls here. During warmer months, the forests are alive with animals, birds and growing plants, making for an equally beautiful experience. No matter what time of year, you will want to take advantage of heavy blankets to bundle up under at night to keep the chill out on mountain nights.
Colorado sleigh rides are known for being romantic and for being a great way to see the countryside. Combining a sleigh ride with a wedding is a way to make it memorable for you and your guests as well as a romantic way to arrive at your wedding. While at most weddings guests will have to find parking and make their own way to the event, with a sleigh ride package wedding, guests will be chauffeured by sleigh to the wedding and reception hall, located deep in the forest. The scenic ride both there and back adds to the romantic adventure of a real mountain wedding.

Two Below Zero is the ultimate one call wedding planning service. If you are looking for a unique and romantic way to celebrate your wedding in Breckenridge, a sleigh ride wedding package can be a simple solution. With just one call, an entire wedding package can be booked, taking the stress out of wedding planning. Colorado sleigh rides can be a wonderfully romantic addition to a wedding, adding a touch of tradition to your event. Call or email Two Below Zero to check for wedding event availability.

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