Thursday, March 31, 2011

Perfect Day in Breckenridge = Ski + Apres Ski + Sleigh Ride

What does the perfect day in Breckenridge offer? It could start off on the slopes with the joyful sleigh rides Breckenridge is so well known for. In short, you could have one of the most amazing days of your life by following this simple, yet ideal plan. For many people, the skiing is what they planned to do when they came to Colorado. However, there is so much to do and see here to really make a good day a great day. Companies such as Two Below Zero make it work, too, by offering some of the best fun you have had in a long time.

What would the perfect day consist of here? Take a look at this sample of how your day in Breckenridge could become the perfect day out in the city and on the snow.

  • Start your day off with a great morning of skiing. Ski at the Breckenridge Resort. Enjoy the fresh snow and the many trails available to you here. Take the time to take a few ski courses if you like or challenge yourself on the more difficult slopes. You will love the fresh, clean air blowing through your hair as you come down the slopes.
  • After a refreshing day on the slopes, head out to the area restaurants that have become so popular. You can find virtually all types of meals you are craving, in upscale dining or just in your typical diner. Enjoy a warm meal.
  • Head on home to your resort or hotel for a bit of resting. You'll need it, and a change of clothes before finishing up your day. After a warm shower and some clean, comfortable clothing, you will feel refreshed to hit the slopes again, but this time, in a different way.
  • Get the family and friends together. Instead of doing the normal dinner out, plan to have a get-together that involves all of your group. You will find that there are activities to do here that are not just for the couple.
  • Once everyone is ready, head over to Two Below Zero. You can book these famous sleigh rides Breckenridge offers in advance, or not. Arrive and enjoy some custom made hot chocolate (the hot chocolate bar is just perfect.) Then, travel with your family and friends on sleigh rides. Breckenridge is not complete without a warm meal with live entertainment deep in the woods.
The sleigh rides Breckenridge is so well known for are simply the best experience you can have. As you consider all there is to do and see here, remember that you can do it with just the two of you or with an entire group. You can plan your trip in advance if you like, or just be spontaneous. But whatever you do, you do need to spend some time at the sleigh rides Breckenridge company Two Below Zero offers. These consistently high rated rides are the best around.  What could be better then a day like this?

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