Thursday, April 28, 2011

Complete Your Ski Vacation with Dinner Sleigh Rides

You may have the kind of family that takes a lot of family vacations to the mountains.  Or, maybe you are planning your first family trip to the winter and mountain wonderland of Summit County, Colorado.  Wherever you may fall on the spectrum, completing your ski vacation with dinner sleigh rides is the perfect way to make your vacation unlike any other! The dinner sleigh rides offered by Two Below Zero are perhaps the most well recommended and loved. Those who come to the area come to enjoy these sleigh rides year after year, and you will too.

What Are They?

The dinner sleigh rides from Two Below Zero are just as they sound. You will get to come to the location and enjoy hot chocolate as you wait for your sleigh. When you are ready, you hop on the sleigh ride. It will take you on a traditional sleigh ride through the backcountry. With a moonlit sky and a fun sleigh ride, you will feel as if you stepped back in time on this trip. Anyone, even those who enjoy more modern activities will enjoy this adventure.

From there, you will arrive in a heated tent area where you will be able to lounge and relax as dinner is served to you. A large meal, including all of your favorite homemade favorites is provided. You will enjoy this meal with your family, sitting around a warm fire that keeps everyone in the right mood. However, Two Below Zero does more than this. It also gives you the time to enjoy some live entertainment. Sing along with the group to songs you already know and listen to others. You will enjoy chatting and laughing. Dessert is fantastic, too. 

No matter what type of family vacation you are used to, the dinner sleigh rides are some of the most special activities to enjoy especially at the end of your trip.

· Get to meet the horses and animals, all of which are well cared for and welcoming.

· Sample some of the finest hot chocolate from the hot chocolate bar. You get to choose what goes into them.

· Relax on beautiful sleighs as you journey through the wilderness with the moon to light your path. You'll have a nice, warm blanket to keep you toasty, too.

· Enjoy dinner with the family and feel like you are part of the Breckenridge family.

· Relax and enjoy your family as you talk about your trip and make plans to come back year after year.

Dinner sleigh rides are fantastic opportunities to enjoy each other's company while still doing something memorable and special. Two Below Zero makes this one of the best options for your vacation. For just two people or even for a family gathering, you will enjoy the sights, sounds and smells that this sleigh ride will take you on. For many people, this is the ideal way to conclude a magical trip to the slopes of Colorado, and to enjoy all of the fun activities available to you here.

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