Thursday, December 22, 2011

Glamorous Winter Wedding Ideas in Breckenridge, CO

Enjoy a most romantic post wedding event in Breckenridge, Colorado during the winter months. Winter sleigh rides offer you and your honey the perfect complement to your wedding in the high Rocky mountains. Bundle up, sit close together and soak up memorable moments that you both will think about for years to come. Two Below Zero will help you plan every detail of your wedding. 

Wedding Planning
Two Below Zero provides all the bells and whistles you need for your wedding from the rehearsal dinner to the ceremony. The post wedding celebration will give you and your honey a night to remember. Enjoy dinner, live music and a sleigh ride. Musical performances can accompany your meal, at your request. Experience a memorable wedding night with either you and your significant other; or, with other guests in attendance. Accommodations are available throughout Breckenridge, Colorado for the wedding party. Add to your wonderful night by riding with your new spouse on a horse drawn carriage by the light of the moon.

Romantic Sleigh Rides
As the sun sets you and your honey know your winter sleigh ride draws near. Anticipate the cold stinging your cheeks; making you long to cuddle close to your spouse. Watch the flakes fall down during a snowy evening. Gaze at the white powder backed by dark shadows and moonlit paths on clear nights. Keep a lookout for wild animals such as deer and elk, as twilight is the best time to view winter weather animals in search of food and water. Note the exceptional nighttime scenery on your 40 minute sleigh ride. Your driver will stop at notable, scenic locations to allow you and your honey time to soak up the scenery. Warm up upon your return from your glamorous sleigh ride by sipping gourmet hot chocolate, sparkling wine or beer with your honey.

Honeymoon Lodging
Stay at the Copper Canyon Chalet as part of the Two Below Zero's “Sleigh and Stay” package. You and your spouse will find yourselves at a stellar honeymoon location, complete with sweeping views of the Rocky mountains and Breckenridge ski resort. The five bedroom, 4,000-foot house will delight at your every turn. Go on a complementary dinner sleight ride for each night of your stay as part of your “Sleigh and Stay” package.

Important Information
  • Remember to dress warmly and in layers to make for easy adjustments from the cold outdoors to the heated indoor buildings.
  • Bring enough clothes to change into from your wedding attire an outfit for the post wedding festivities.
  • Prepare for an after-wedding feast. Eat light throughout the day to thoroughly enjoy the excellent food served as part of your wedding sleigh-ride package.
  • Pat the regal draft horses before embarking on your winter sleigh ride because they do love attention.
  • Book the “honeymoon house” when select dates are available. Contact Two Below Zero to reserve your winter sleigh package.

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