Monday, April 23, 2012

It's Summer, Get Outside with a SleighRide!

Sleigh rides are truly one of the most memorable experiences to have either with family or friends. And they are quite beautiful and there is nothing like it for a family outdoor. The people sit on the beautifully crafted carriages to be drawn by the magnificent Clydesdale horses. Here is a brief note about it.

There are plenty of outdoor events around the globe but nothing comes like a horse driven sleigh ride. Since ancient times, horses have been a source of transport for mankind and they do have a good relationship with us. The sleigh rides generally have a carriage on which people sit and then there are horses tied up front to pull these carriages through the mountains. The horses upfront are really awesome and they belong to specific breed called the Clydesdale Draft Horse (generally).

Activities during Sleigh Rides

The size of carriage used for the horse drawn sleigh rides varies and so the number of horses pulling a carriage also varies. However the smallest carriage can hold up to four adults and two children and a single horse is used to pull it through. The carriages used for the rides are generally hand crafted and quite beautiful. The horse used for these rides are also used in military parades and this breed of horses have a good history with mankind.
 Here are some of the experiences during and after the sleigh ride
  • The ride takes you through some of the most majestic mountain peaks across the globe and it is worth having a look at those peaks.
  • During the rides, hot chocolate and coffee are provided to keep oneself warm as they take place generally during chilly evenings.
  • The clinging sound of the bells from the horse’s belly and the churn of the snow underneath the horse’s feet are also fantastic.
  • As soon as the ride is over, you can get to play some games with your companions before you get to your dinner table. The games played include horseshoes and roping etc.
  • Then at the dinner table you get some wonderful food that includes the traditional food items like cornbread, smoked BBQ beef brisket, grilled chicken and so on.
  • Once the dinner is over, dinner shows are arranged for further entertainment with comedy and fun music. You can also get to know many new friends in the restaurants as well.

Places providing Sleigh Rides
Sleigh rides take place in areas where the mountains are covered by snow as they are ideally suited to pull the carriages through. The Alps Mountains is a good example for such location. There are many locations in the U.S. that provide the horse driven sleigh rides. These include Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Indiana and so on.

For anyone who loves nature and likes to enjoy a beautiful evening with his friends, this is a truly amazing experience. It is definitely worth and a very good outdoor wilderness act.

Did someone say Hot Cocoa?

Enjoy the old experience of sleigh ride in a new way, brought to by the Breckenridge Sleigh Rides. One of the most notable events the chuck wagon dinner has been revitalized by them, though they have succeeded in keeping the traditional and old Wild West style of the place and the event intact. You can enjoy all that with the new addition of the dinner sleigh rides. For those who have not been a part of this event till now, pull up your socks; throw yourself in this great revelry. With the added incentive of frothy hot chocolate thrown in, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience.

What is it?
Chuck wagon dinner is an event which has been associated with the Colorado and its traditions for a number of years. Some of the most interesting features of these dinner sleigh rides are mentioned below.
· With the Rocky Mountains all around you, you couldn’t have asked for better scenery.
· In between the sleigh rides and the fantastic dinner, enjoy some games like roping, or horseshoes, along with some honey and biscuits.
· The dinner will is commenced with the sound of a bell. To fulfill your taste buds, you are served with a delicious BBQ meal. And it has the traditional Wild West favorites as grilled chicken with cornbread, BBQ beef smoked, and other dishes. You can round off the wonderful meal with the apple pie served with whipped cream.
· Along side the dinner, a show is there for all of you to enjoy and get entertained.

It will have everything from comedy, music etc. You can get to know the fellow people while enjoying the show.

These chuck wagon dinner sleigh rides are also a fun attraction for the local people around here for the variety of enjoyment it has to offer, as it has something to cheer up every member of your family. This level of enjoyment and entertainment is good and to some extent necessary for everyone, once in a while. Breckenridge Sleigh Rides does come out all guns blazing and does a brilliant job of providing a fun and joyful evening to everyone, through this event. It is due to them that this event has found a lot of takers in recent times, especially people who like to have a fun evening in the Rocky Mountains including taking in its charms and traditions.

Take some time out from your busy lives, and the feel and thrill of an actual sleigh ride, or in other words a dinner sleigh ride. When one takes into account the various activities associated with this event and Breckenridge, it certainly becomes quite tempting. It also offers you to go for a wilderness exploration. In midst of all the events, and other entertainments, do not forget to enjoy the dinner sleigh rides with its warm hot cocoa on board, making this your one of the most cherished moments of life.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Fun Night Out with the Family

If you are looking for a fun and unique family night out in Breckenridge, Colorado, consider a chuck wagon ride in the summer or a dinner sleigh rides in the wintertime. This is something that your entire family can enjoy and creates memories to last a lifetime. Sleigh rides are a wonderful experience and part of that magic is the beauty of the Percheron and Belgian horses. These large, gentle creatures are more than 18 hands tall and delight children of all ages.

Many families think that a sleigh ride or chuck wagon ride is too expensive to consider but a sleigh ride is actually far more economical than a day on the slopes. Our two-hour dinner sleigh rides cost between $84.00 and $89.00 dollars per person and children between the ages of four and 12 pay between $55.00 and $60.00 dollars. Make it even more memorable by selecting the Hot Cocoa ride with live music, which is only $55.00 to $59.00 for adults and $45.00 to $49.00 for children and lasts an hour. Small children under the age of four ride free for all rides.
If you are having a family gathering in Breckenridge, make the evening something to remember and schedule a group ride. Groups of 10 or more are welcome as well. Plan a family outing that everyone, young and old, can enjoy and will remember for years to come.

Consider planning an exclusive sleigh ride for a child’s birthday with a sleigh that seats four people easily for only $295.00. No need to spend your time in a miserably loud and messy restaurant for a birthday celebration when you can enjoy the natural beauty and splendor of Breckenridge and the excitement of a snow-filled sleigh ride with just you and your family.

Remember to wear warm clothes for your dinner sleigh rides and dress your children warmly as well. The sleighs come with cozy fleece blankets but these are the mountains after all, and nighttime can be chilly. In addition, cold or snowy weather doesn’t stop us from taking your family on a magical night ride, so dress for snow if the forecast promises some of the white stuff.

You and your family will love every minute of your dinner sleigh rides and the event creates memories that last far longer than the sleigh ride itself. Call us at 970-453-0222 to make reservations.

Note that reservations are required for all rides and a 48-hour-cancellation policy is firmly enforced. We accept traveler’s checks and most major credit cards. Please arrive about 30 minutes ahead of your scheduled time so that your family has plenty of time to visit with the horses and settle in before your sleigh leaves at your reserved time. In addition, please remember to tip our wranglers since gratuity is not included in the price of the dinner sleigh ride.

Above all, remember to relax and have fun on an evening you and your family will not soon forget. 

How to Create the Ultimate Romantic Evening

When people think about a romantic evening, they may think about dinner in a restaurant or a dozen red roses. However, when you are looking to create the ultimate romantic evening, it is time to think about something more unique and romantic. There are few things more romantic than horse drawn sleigh rides in the beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado area at night. If you are looking to create the ultimate romantic evening, plan a magical trip in our horse drawn sleigh rides with a warm fleece blanket under moonlight skies.

Take a ride with our majestic Percheron and Belgian horses, experienced wranglers, romantic sleighs and the gorgeous scenery of the Rocky Mountains. An exclusive horse drawn sleigh ride only costs $295.00 and lasts for two hours. One of the best things about romantic horse drawn sleigh rides is that the event can be repeated for anniversaries or other special occasions. Cherish special memories from your ultimate romantic evening out and create new memories year after year.

Here at Breckenridge Sleigh Rides, we have already had over 60 marriage proposals (with a 100 percent success rate!) and we can help you plan your ideal romantic moment. Whether you are planning on popping the question or even want to plan your wedding, let our professional staff help you create the ultimate romantic moment that neither of you will forget.

Even if you aren’t looking for a dramatic moment, join us for our dinner sleigh rides for a romantic date or special surprise. Adult prices are approximately $89.00 per person and the rides last for two hours. If you are looking for a shorter portion of your romantic evening, plan on a hot chocolate sleigh ride with live entertainment for only $60.00 per person. We provide a wide variety of horse drawn sleigh rides to help you find the right situation for your ultimate romantic evening.  

Anyone can make a dinner reservation at a restaurant, but there is nothing more romantic or special than a night out under the stars in the beautiful setting of the mountains, curled up under a warm blanket in a horse drawn sleigh ride. Do not miss this chance to plan the ultimate romantic evening here in Breckenridge.

For reservations or more information, contact us at 970-453-0222. Our sleigh rides run between November and April and we encourage you to dress warmly. Reservations are required and we have a 24 to 72-hour cancellation policy, depending upon your scheduled ride. Come at least 30 minutes early so that you have time to meet our wonderful horses and settle into your sleigh before your appointed time. We also have live music and a campfire to snuggle up near before or after your ride. Prices do not include gratuity for the wranglers.

Call us today to start planning your ultimate romantic moment with a horse drawn sleigh ride under the stars. 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Want a Unique Anniversary Present? Try a Sleigh Ride!

You will make up for any year you have forgotten the special day with one of our Colorado Dinner Sleigh Rides. Romance is kindled as you cuddle under a warm fleece blanket with a star filled sky overhead. In our handcrafted red wooden two-horse sleigh you will experience a cozy closeness, with harness bells ringing as you pass through the Rocky Mountain scenery. The majestic, strong, and beautiful Belgian and Percheron horses, standing 18 hands or 8 feet tall, are guided by a trained wrangler, as a mounted headlight reflects off the fallen snow.

An anniversary is a time to remember and renew the timeless vows and wonder of love that have drawn you and your spouse together. In the mystery and stillness of nature, you are able to find once again the meaning and purpose so essential to a happy marriage. When you share one of our dinner sleigh rides as a present to your partner, you prove your thoughtfulness, sensitivity, and appreciation. Breckenridge, Colorado, is less than two hours from downtown Denver, and a trip to this charming mountain town will transport you to a magical place, where treasured memories are created. Your private, horse led journey through the crisp air and pine filled forests leads to a hot dinner, awakening the senses to take in the splendor of life.

Whether you are a resident of a nearby Colorado city or a visitor seeking a never to be forgotten adventure, enjoy a truly Western outing that really gives you something to talk about. The child in each of us recognizes the happy feeling that comes from simple pleasures, and your retelling the story will let others participate vicariously. The imagination is a powerful tool, and you can return time and time again throughout the year whenever you bring this special anniversary to mind. Prepare to make dinner sleigh rides in Breckenridge an annual ritual, once you realize the surprised delight of your life companion.

The Tenmile Range and Country Boy Mine are on your route, and the driver will be happy to share tall tales and a few jokes with you along the way. You may order a beverage from the clubhouse to take along, and you will find your own 'cowboy' and horses are friendly. The February 2008 issue of Sunset magazine recommends our company, Breckenridge Sleigh Rides, indicating our quality and prestige. lists us as one of the top ten sleigh rides in the United States. Make your anniversary truly unique, securing the best of the best for the best of the best, your mate, sparing no expense yet spending wisely. Offer this jewel as an expression of your devotion, and let us do the rest.

Breckenridge: Skiing and Sleigh Riding Pleasures

The lure of fresh powder…the choice of 155 trails…the convenience of 31 lifts: the slopes of the ski resort at Breckenridge, Colorado, summon you. You’ve heard the ski report and are itching to let go of your workday worries and flee to the mountains for a few days of fun in the snow, testing your mettle in the pristine alpine air in the heart of Colorado’s ski country. Then, that night, you’ll settle into a sleigh ride and sumptuous dinner: it’s a getaway that is guaranteed to change your attitude.

Breckenridge is less than two hours from Denver and it’s the perfect antidote to quell that ski slope itch. If you’re bringing your family along, not to worry—there’s something for everyone on the mountain.

The skiing at Breckenridge caters to skiers of all skill levels, from rank beginners to bump skiers and boarders.  The ski school is family friendly, with lessons for the newbies and refreshers for those who want to refine their mogul techniques. If you’re feeling really adventurous you can ride the Imperial Express, North America’s highest chairlift, to ski some of the high country’s finest powder in the alpine bowls. 

THEN, after an exhilarating day of playing in the powder, it’s time to really relax and unwind: it’s sleigh ride time. Gather your friends, your family, or maybe just that one extra-special person, bundle up, and snuggle into a horsedrawn sleigh to be spirited away under a blanket of stars. The mountain views are spectacular in the evening light, and as the night deepens the twinkle of the lights in the valley are reflected in the starlight in the heavens. Pulled behind two magnificent Percheron or Belgian horses, your hand-crafted sleigh will glide over hill and dale across the white expanse of snow to dinner designed to warm you up and leave you happily satisfied. The guys from Two Below Zero are known for having the best sleigh rides Breckenridge has to offer and they’ll make it an evening you’ll long remember. They’ve been doing this since 1983 and have refined it to a world-class performance.

The dinner that awaits you is nothing short of absolutely delicious. You burned a lot of calories on the slopes and it’s time to replace them! You’ll warm up with a hearty Southwestern soup and artisan rolls. Your New York strip steak AND marinated chicken breast both will be grilled to perfection. They’ll be accompanied by a baked potato with all the trimmings, mixed vegetables, and topped off with a dessert of warm apple pie and whipped cream. The grand finale is a cup of fresh roasted coffee, hot chocolate, peppermint schnapps, or a selection of unique teas. Then you’ll head back out to the sleigh to be returned to your lodging, pleasantly worn out by a day you will recommend to others.

The slopes by day, the sleigh by night—what could be better? And Two Below Zero is the name to remember for that perfect Breckenridge sleigh ride finish.