Monday, January 30, 2012

Want a Unique Anniversary Present? Try a Sleigh Ride!

You will make up for any year you have forgotten the special day with one of our Colorado Dinner Sleigh Rides. Romance is kindled as you cuddle under a warm fleece blanket with a star filled sky overhead. In our handcrafted red wooden two-horse sleigh you will experience a cozy closeness, with harness bells ringing as you pass through the Rocky Mountain scenery. The majestic, strong, and beautiful Belgian and Percheron horses, standing 18 hands or 8 feet tall, are guided by a trained wrangler, as a mounted headlight reflects off the fallen snow.

An anniversary is a time to remember and renew the timeless vows and wonder of love that have drawn you and your spouse together. In the mystery and stillness of nature, you are able to find once again the meaning and purpose so essential to a happy marriage. When you share one of our dinner sleigh rides as a present to your partner, you prove your thoughtfulness, sensitivity, and appreciation. Breckenridge, Colorado, is less than two hours from downtown Denver, and a trip to this charming mountain town will transport you to a magical place, where treasured memories are created. Your private, horse led journey through the crisp air and pine filled forests leads to a hot dinner, awakening the senses to take in the splendor of life.

Whether you are a resident of a nearby Colorado city or a visitor seeking a never to be forgotten adventure, enjoy a truly Western outing that really gives you something to talk about. The child in each of us recognizes the happy feeling that comes from simple pleasures, and your retelling the story will let others participate vicariously. The imagination is a powerful tool, and you can return time and time again throughout the year whenever you bring this special anniversary to mind. Prepare to make dinner sleigh rides in Breckenridge an annual ritual, once you realize the surprised delight of your life companion.

The Tenmile Range and Country Boy Mine are on your route, and the driver will be happy to share tall tales and a few jokes with you along the way. You may order a beverage from the clubhouse to take along, and you will find your own 'cowboy' and horses are friendly. The February 2008 issue of Sunset magazine recommends our company, Breckenridge Sleigh Rides, indicating our quality and prestige. lists us as one of the top ten sleigh rides in the United States. Make your anniversary truly unique, securing the best of the best for the best of the best, your mate, sparing no expense yet spending wisely. Offer this jewel as an expression of your devotion, and let us do the rest.

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